10. Guppy Gang Roadmap

Guppy Gang
3 min readMay 12, 2022

Hey Guppy Gang!

It's time for a roadmap update! We have been diligently working away behind the scenes to get some exciting releases out and we are happy to now share our new look roadmap with the community.

Phase 1 and 2 are all wrapped up and completed. Some of these are ongoing and will continue to be expanded and improved, but we are excited to be able to move into the next phase of releases and work.

Ticket scores and Guppy Treat Token were some notable highlights and set the foundation for what were are building in the future.

Guppy Generals Breeding release was a big milestone for the team. Guppy Generals are one of the commanding units for our upcoming game Paradise Wars and with two Guppy Gang NFTs and 10 GTT, you are able to breed a Guppy General. There have already been some amazing looking generals bred and revealed and we can’t wait to see the first King Guppy General.

Opensea — https://opensea.io/collection/guppy-general

We are well into Phase 3 and have some exciting milestones that we are working towards.

  • CyberGuppy release.
    By holding 10 Guppy Gang NFTs and a CyberKong you will be eligible for a CyberGuppy.
  • Phat Loot Marketplace.
    Our own in house marketplace.
  • New Website.
    We are making great progress on this and are looking forward to getting it live. This new site really reflects all the great work the team and community have put into Guppy Gang and will help us share that even more.

After Phase 3 is where things start to get really exciting! Your Guppy Gang NFTs will be able to Doodle using AI Algorithms.

Paradise Wars, Guppy Gang Merch, Guppy Bakery and the first Guppy Carnival are huge milestones that we are working towards and are helping us to continue to add utility to Guppy Gang NFT.

We’re really excited for these upcoming releases and cannot wait to share them with our community! If you are new to Guppy Gang then join the community on Discord — https://discord.com/invite/guppygang

NOTE: If you have any questions feel free to jump into the official Guppy Gang Discord Server or contact us on Twitter. All links can be found at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you’re interested in reading more about Guppy Gang and the Utility packed into every NFT check out the medium articles at the bottom of the page.



Guppy Gang

Guppy Gang is a limited edition genesis art collection of 8001 provably rare digital collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain.