16. Introducing The Guppy Council

And How You Can Get Involved

What is a Guppy Gang NFT?

Guppy Gang is a next-generation gaming genesis NFT collection that provides the holders with exclusive benefits and constantly evolving utility.

Owning a Genesis Guppy gives you access to games developed and published by Phat Loot which include, but are not limited to Untamed Isles, Paradise Wars and Crypty Crawler.

Each Guppy Gang NFT features artwork from seasoned game designers, thousands of different and unique traits which affect rarity, and a large number of benefits and utility.

Investors, Gamers and Crypto Enthusiasts alike.

Across the board, we have found the wounded crypto gamer who has been craving fun, challenging and captivating games that also provide lucrative opportunities to the investors in the process.

“One very unique concept which exists within Web3 is that each individual user can make a difference merely through their social participation.”

— Ashish Vaja, Chief Blockchain Officer @ Phat Loot Defi

Play-to-earn games (or play-and-earn as we at Phat Loot like to call it) are popular for a reason, we aim to bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to this industry and we need your help.

Welcome to the Guppy Council.

A group of loyal Guppy Gang NFT holders who volunteer to assist Phat Loot in creating a safe and welcoming space in its ecosystem of games.

Ideal Council Members should:

  • Assist in the growth of and nurturing of the community;
  • Volunteer their set of skills to assist the team in their deliverables;
  • Assist and provide new perspectives to strengthen our decision-making process;
  • Actively listen to the community to provide feedback on expectations, desires and challenges we could be more proactive on;
  • Assist the team in navigating the direction of upcoming projects;
  • Vote on and lead smaller initiatives outside of Phat Loot’s team focus to add to the value of Guppy Gang.

Positions will not be permanent, but no time limit is imposed on the length of time someone can serve on the council.

You have been called upon. Will you accept the torch?

Apply today!— https://docs.google.com/forms/viewform

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Guppy Gang

Guppy Gang is a limited edition genesis art collection of 8001 provably rare digital collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain.