13. Guppy Gang Update

Dear Guppy Gang,

Thank you for continuing to support our project. The passion you have for Guppy Gang and our associated projects is what fuels us to do our best.

On this note, we acknowledge we haven’t been doing our best in updates and communication. We recognize a better approach is needed and will be rectifying this immediately.

This article is a glimpse of the path forward to more effectively communicate and market the project. This article seeks to lay out a preliminary framework and establish an improved ability for the Phat Loot team to more rapidly adapt as well as keep the community informed.

Guppy Council

You asked for more behind-the-scenes updates and community representation. We listened.

We’re proud to be forming our new Guppy Council, a group of loyal holders that will volunteer to assist the team and provide more insight into the things which are being worked on behind the scenes. Most importantly, one of their primary functions will be to enable the community to have representation that has more readily available access to the Phat Loot leadership. The Council will also be given some limited decision-making power on the direction of the project. Involving people who will look at a problem from another perspective will strengthen the decision-making process long term.

Every member of the council should bring with them some skill and some value that is different from the other council members. The initial members of the council are being selected by Phat Loot’s leadership one by one. After the initial group is put together Phat Loot and the Guppy Gang council will work together to select future members. Positions will not be permanent, but there will be no time limit imposed on the length of time someone can serve on the council.

More detailed information will be released in a separate post in the future.

Growth Plan

User growth of the Phat Loot ecosystem is designed to have a long-term positive impact on Guppy Gang. This has always been the plan and it will continue to be the core focus moving forward. The team is still building its core products to capture diverse market share.

There have been many questions surrounding the plans for growth. Namely, with Paradise Wars still in development leaving Guppy Generals without immediate utility, and Guppy Carnival contingent on Untamed Isles development, what does the future look like?

Nothing has changed, except the team needs to do a better job of keeping you informed about what is happening behind the scenes.

Guppy Gang was built on the Untamed Isles brand and the premise of the NFT collection being a genesis level NFT which will have ongoing benefits. Most importantly, being tied to the game studio’s flagship title it will inevitably receive a great deal of exposure long-term as the player base learns about other products within the Phat Loot ecosystem.

Guppy Gang is being designed to benefit from the overall growth of the Phat Loot ecosystem in many different ways. Staking bonuses for Phat Loot Token (PLT) is just one example. If a game such as Monster Racing League utilizes PLT, then it indirectly impacts Guppy Gang. Why?

Staking bonuses are provided to people who own Guppy Gang NFTs. The more people who play games where PLT is used as the governance token provides incentives for those players to own some Guppy Gang NFTs.


There have been many thoughts and suggestions from members of the community surrounding marketing. The leadership team has collected concerns and suggestions from Discord to make sure we listen to it all. It does not mean that we will implement all suggestions or address all concerns. What it does mean is that there are changes coming and some of that feedback will be incorporated. As the marketing plan for Guppy Gang is evaluated the community will be updated as to our findings and changes.


CyberGuppies are coming. We are in active design with the CyberKongz team and the current designs we have are looking very nice so we think you will all be happy with the final version.

The snapshot will take place anytime after the 16th of June, so you still have time to pick up a CyberKong and any guppies you may need to reach the requirements (10 Guppy Gang NFTs and one CyberKongz NFT)

There have been many questions surrounding the utility of the Cyber Guppies and if the utility will be marketed prior to the snapshot date?

While there are planned utilities for the Cyber Guppies they will not be announced before the snapshot date. Utilities are contingent on the development of some things which have not yet been announced. Details on the products they are connected to require a very careful analysis before being able to provide exact information, so as to not damage the integrity of what it will be integrated with. As the most limited edition part of the Guppy Gang product line they will receive their fair share of unique utilities. Everyone will have to make their decisions based on that information.

Paradise Wars

As many have noticed there have not been any Paradise Wars updates for some time now and that was primarily to allow the team to focus on their work instead of preparing updates for the marketing team.

Initially, information was being released rapidly, with devs focusing on creating community-ready content but ultimately slowing down the actual development of the game. Following this, the updates were stopped to allow the team to focus on actually building the game. Neither of these were practical solutions. Moving forward we are going to do our best to provide updates approximately every fortnight. Take a look at our first update below.


  • Initial prototypes for the movement system and board
  • Research and prototyping for animation software to animate Guppy Generals with a cosmetic variation.
Pride Guppy General’s rough run animation

Land Development

  • Island generation system
  • Tile height mapping edge art
Texture development for raised edges of tiles
  • Building / structure placement & art
Concept art for the town buildings
  • Cosmetic variation of tiles
Dead Trees & Logs — Environment art for a cosmetic variation on tiles.

We have also been working diligently in the background on a number of initiatives.

Phat Market

A majority of the development has been completed with mostly UX/UI work remaining. Having our own marketplace that we can utilize for each of our projects and have it styled to match is very exciting and we are looking forward to trading on it very soon.

New Website

The new website design has been finalized and will soon move into development. We look forward to having a website that represents our brand better.

Prototype Claiming/Breeding Page

Guppy Generals Breeding Improvements

After some feedback on the process, batch breeding is now live. For those of you with a large number of guppies, we are making some improvements to help auto-select guppies to breed. With this improvement, you will be able to specify the number of guppies and it will auto-select the rarest guppies for you to breed.

GuppyGang Discord

Your safety and the safety of our team is our top priority. We are now able to run in full effect and bring our community back to life. Ashish (Byzantine) will be regularly dropping in as a spokesperson for Phat Loot. We have Richard Brown back doing what he loves most and that’s community management. We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding on the matter. There will be more AMA’s, Community Events, and more utilities down the road.



Guppy Gang is a limited edition genesis art collection of 8001 provably rare digital collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Guppy Gang

Guppy Gang is a limited edition genesis art collection of 8001 provably rare digital collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain.