5. Ready to Claim your Guppy Treat Tokens? Full GTT Claim Guide! (MetaMask)

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4 min readMar 1, 2022



We have released Guppy Treat Token for Guppy Gang NFT and it is ready to claim weekly at treat.guppygang.io . This article breaks down the entire process into a few easy-to-follow steps for MetaMask users.

NOTE: GTT accumulates over time so you will not miss out if you forget to claim. You will also need a small amount of Matic (<$0.01) to claim GTT.

Step 1: Adding Polygon Mainnet into MetaMask

Typically the MetaMask wallet only comes with the Ethereum Mainnet installed. In order to claim GTT, you must add Polygon Mainnet to the wallet.

Step 1a

Log In to your MetaMask Wallet

Step 1b

Head over to https://polygonscan.com/

Step 1c

At the bottom right of the page is a button that says Add Polygon Network. Click it.

Step 1d

MetaMask should open up and ask if you want to add the network. Click Approve.

Step 1e

Click Switch Network.

Step 2: Integrating GTT into MetaMask

After you integrate the Polygon Mainnet into your MetaMask wallet you need to add GTT as well.

Step 2a

Click “Import Tokens”

Step 2b

Paste the contact address ‘0xB5cB47A8f85628dea29AC7153544867e87Ae6937' into the “Token Contract Address” Box, as seen below. Then, click “Add Customer Token”.
NOTE: MetaMask will populate the “Token Symbol” and “Token Decimal” boxes for you. Give it a few seconds. On the off chance it doesn’t, the Symbol is ‘GTT’ and the Decimal is ‘4’.

Step 2b

Once you hit import, then you have to confirm it by hitting Import Tokens.

You are now setup on Polygon and have the Guppy Treat Token added to your wallet so you will be able to see the balance.

Step 3: Claiming GTT

After you add the Polygon Mainnet and GTT to your wallet, now it’s time to claim the Tokens!


Make sure you are logged into the Matic Mainnet.

NOTE: You’ll need some MATIC in your wallet. (Less than $0.01 of MATIC should be enough)

Step 3b

Head over to treat.guppygang.io

Step 3c

Click on “Connect Wallet”, then click on “MetaMask” to connect your wallet to our claim site.

Step 3d

After your wallet is connected, click on the “Claim” tab.

Step 3e

Click “Claim ‘X’ Tokens”

Step 3f

A MetaMask window will open up asking you to confirm the transaction. Look over the details and click “Confirm”

Step 3g

Enjoy your GTT! If you have any issues or questions then you can reach us on Discord — https://discord.gg/guppygang

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Guppy Gang official links:

GTT claim site — treat.guppygang.io

Discord — https://discord.gg/guppygang

Link Tree — https://linktr.ee/GuppyGangNFT

Website — https://guppygang.io/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/guppygangnft



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