19. CyberGuppy Announcement and Happy Birthday Guppy Gang!

A Collaboration Collection between Guppy Gang and CyberKongz

Guppy Gang
3 min readOct 31, 2022

On 10.10.2022 at 10 am (UTC+1), the Snapshot for CyberGuppy was captured!

Those who qualify will receive their one-of-a-kind CyberGuppy NFTs through an automatic airdrop to their wallets.

CyberGuppies will unlock unique utilities within the Phat Loot Universe which will gradually be announced over the next few months through various easter eggs and communications from the team.

Didn’t qualify?

If you’ve missed out on qualifying for the snapshot, you can always pick up your CyberGuppy on the secondary market once it becomes available.

Here is your first peek at the art style of the collection. To ensure that there are no fake collections created we have cropped, watermarked, and lowered the quality of the art.

! DO NOT MINT — Airdrop only until the secondary market

Stats for Nerds

For those interested, here is a chart representing the wallets that qualified as well as the number of CyberGuppies they will be airdropped:

Total of 202 CyberGuppies to be Airdropped

CyberGuppy vs Wallets Receiving:

1 CyberGuppy = 36 Wallets

2 CyberGuppies = 12 Wallets

3 CyberGuppies = 12 Wallets

4 CyberGuppies = 1 Wallet

5 CyberGuppies = 1 Wallet

6 CyberGuppies = 2 Wallets

7 CyberGuppies = 1 Wallet

8 CyberGuppies = 1 Wallet

9 CyberGuppies = 0 Wallets

10 CyberGuppies = 2 Wallets

20 CyberGuppies = 1 Wallet

30 CyberGuppies = 1 Wallet

Criteria for Qualification:

  • Minimum of 10 NFTs from the Guppy Gang Collection
  • Minimum of 1 NFT from any CyberKongz Collection

Collections that Qualified:

Genesis Guppy Gang: https://opensea.io/collection/guppygang

CyberKongz: https://opensea.io/collection/cyberkongz

CyberKongz VX: https://opensea.io/collection/cyberkongz-vx

CyberKongz Babies: https://opensea.io/collection/cyberkongz-babies

Happy First Birthday to Guppy Gang!

The Guppy Gang PFP collection was heavily influenced by the fact that it had quickly become the community’s favorite mascot. One of the artists had unknowingly made PFPs for fun and had used them on the Discord server and then later were used in place of the team’s real faces on the Kickstarter page. When I noticed these goofy little Guppy faces I proposed the idea to Josh and we worked out a utility and purpose behind the collection. A few months later we found ourselves having refined the artwork with the same artists from Untamed Isles and launching an NFT collection.

Happy Halloween!

Credit to @jie_isles on Twitter

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Guppy Gang

Guppy Gang is a limited edition genesis art collection of 8001 provably rare digital collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain.