15. Guppy Gang — July 2022

Updates From Behind The Scenes

Phat Loot Token

Dungeon Crawler

Update on Development:

  1. Hub
  • Unlock, list, select dungeon
  • Error messages — Message dialogue
  • Mobile specific settings
  • Camera letter-boxing to support multiple aspect ratios
  • HTML5 template
  • Load remote images
  • Asynchronous code
  • JavaScript server support — Custom + Websocket + stomp support
  • Message signing
  • Inventory (stub)
  • Stats window — View, Modify, Apply, Limit based on availability
  • Set NTF — Load NFT images from remote
  • Set Class — Class selection window
  • Load and display dungeon/nodes — Connect with lines + Set position + Panning
  • Different types and states
  • Choosing
  • Campfire: Heal and Escape
  • Going to battle
  • Stub flow: Start, turn, attack, end
  • Characters
  • Positions, turn indicator, details on HUD
  • Animation controller
  • Idle, Dead, Attack, Item, Hurt, Skill
  • Stub action menu
  • Stub database communication
  • Results screen — Display message (Won/lost), Display list of earned/lost items, Going back to the hub.

Update on Art:

  1. Equipment Icons (27x7 backgrounds for different qualities)
  2. Skill animations
  3. 2D Animation for characters and enemies
  4. Enemy Designs
  • Boss Monster
  • Enemy variety for the different Coral Cave sections
  • Dungeon map
  • Class Select screen
  • Heroic Spirit UI screens
  • Tier unlock screen
  • Class equipment screen
  • Combat screen design

Untamed Isles

General Updates:

  • Steam page refresh
  • Monkey Tame body and pattern design community voting
  • Cosmetics video reveal
  • Community activities on Discord
  • Progressional planning for player levelling and difficulty sectors
  • Implemented combat readability design improvements
  • Introduced a counterplay/adaptability combat mechanic to improve engagement

Update on Programming:

  • NPC Chasing AI
  • NPC Wandering AI
  • Wild Tame encounters — Progression Experience Points (XP)

Update on Art - 3D & 2D:

  1. UX/UI
  • Mailbox system improvements
  • Inventory & Loot window updates
  • New Tame storage system UI updates
  • Mountain Biome additional flora and details concepts
  • New character cosmetic concepts
  • Alpha Burl 3D completed
  • Tame Totem structures completed
  • Several updates/fixes to mount models
  • More variations for Swamp trees
  • All Tier 1 NPC faction models completed
  • Standard animation set in development for the remaining 6 tames
  • Several new NPC-specific animations
  • Updated Main Island docks and Akibi area level design
  • VFX — Several shader fixes & optimisations
  • Hubbard — Dressed for success

Update on Audio:

  • Implementation of more UI sounds
  • Implementation of Profession Sfx

What’s Coming Next?

This month we have a few exciting things coming up. For Untamed Isles, we have a very special press announcement coming out soon.



Guppy Gang is a limited edition genesis art collection of 8001 provably rare digital collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Guppy Gang

Guppy Gang is a limited edition genesis art collection of 8001 provably rare digital collectibles minted on the Ethereum blockchain.